Bespoke shoes concerns the most admirable of the finest handmade shoe that we dedicate with our hands and souls to preserve its greateness.

My mission is to achieve the excellence in handmade shoe making providing to our distinctive clients via an exclusively personalized and interactive service, making our uniqueness shoes with the greatest comfort and personalitzation.

We breathe, live and celebrate this gentle art of handmade shoe making as a tribute to all the artisan shoemakers who have preceded us.

Please click to our Bespoke Process to know how we make our Bespoke Shoes.

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Thanks to our experience on Bespoke Service, and after have closed our Made-to-Order completely handmade service, we are offering nouw our fuly Handcrafted Made-to-Measure (MTM) Custom Shoes, as it is in traditional Bespoke, but by our well-known 10 models.

Our Made-too-Measure fully handmade shoes are also available by email:

Thought out for those lovers of finest handmade shoes allowing to access a close Bespoke experience under very special conditions of quality and value.


Service “by request”, available by email:

We’ll give you all the information about our fully handcrafted Made-to-Measure process, offering a personalized support for those who will not have the chance to visit our Atelier in Granollers, Barcelona.

Drop us an email if you have any questions regarding our Handcrafted Made-to-Measure Process, models, lasts fitting, etc.


Each model could be extremely personalised allowing to our customers to design their own Handcrafted MTM model choosing our wide range of options


I provide the form-art to engrave the client’s footprint anatomy shape allow us to make the clients feet measurements lasts, ensuring the higher confort and extraordinary fitting.

In patterns making I make individually by hand looking for the accurate fully adaptation to each clients lasts order. I never use serial patterns. I proceed with all crafts preparative works only by hand, hand-lasting, hand-wellting, hand-stitching outsoles and block-heel with wooden pegs, beveled and fiddleback waist (no pegging on waist).

Made-to-measure on rounded toe caps, or chiseled semi-square toed last. Irons passing and all finishings fully handcrafted.

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Our client will be able to enjoy how the order is being crafted with photos via email, and participating in the way the shoe has been handcrafted and personalised
Swan Neck Oxfords with Back to Black French calf and Full Grain Suede


We use only the finest leathers from the most expertise European tanneries. Each of our Handcrafted MTM Shoes is lined with babe calf skin, sorrounding the feet with softer and breatheble support, like a second glove skin, translating into the highest comfort.

Each creation is extremely cared for, as we make in lBespoke works.


Our Handcrafted MTM Shoes are made using our carved archs lasts and narrow waist to offer one of the most comfortable fitting with high support on arch, from our Bespoke Service fitting experince.

Brogued Handcrafted MTM Arrow Oxfords always delivered with their lasted Shoe-threes


€1,850 * (World-wide shipping)

*: Value before taxes for European Union residents and Net for outside EU

Winter Campaign – 50% Payment Deposit 
By ordering our Winter Campaign, we are offering the opportunity for those wishing to pay just a 50% Deposit on their Handcrafted MTM order with the balance due once your pair of Ramon Cuberta Handcrafted MTM shoes are finished and ready to ship


We invite you to take a look to our terms and conditions to notice about adding ship costs:

Terms & Conditions


DELIVERY: 20 weeks

Link here to get further information related to our fully Handcrafted MTM shoes. We don’t offer Handwelted Made-to-Order anymore.


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“Its nice when a shoemaker finds a little piece of detail that he can call his own and Ramon has done that with his very sharply designed facing piece (the leather around the laces). If you pay close attention he does a lot of adelaides and most of those have if not the same, a very closely designed facing piece that simply defines Ramon’s shoes. And thats great!”

“Ramon Cuberta is a nice guy. Always kind. Always humble and makes great shoes. Just the kind of ingredients you look for when supporting an artist”.

Justin FitzPatrick, Founder of The Shoe Snob

“There are basically two features which distinguish his shoes from those of other brands and shoemakers. First of all, it is the well-balanced elongated upper which looks esthetically more elegant than short shoes. Furthermore, it is the shoe’s toes in bespoke shoes. Those are very chiseled, have strong lines but are still rounded, depending on if you’re looking at them from the front or from the side. It’s like a small contradiction, a combination of round and sharp, giving the shoe a lot of character and making it a distinct feature. These are really beautiful characteristics you should definitely have a closer look at!”

Magda Glanc, Founder of Smartorial Men


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Opening hours: Mond to Sat 10h – 19h

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Our Atelier is located at:

C/Guayaquil, 17 – 08401 Granollers – Barcelona


– Bespoke shoes: By appointment only

– Made-to-Order hand-welted custom shoes: Avalaible via email



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