Bespoke shoes concerns the most admirable of the finest handmade shoe making, pure high-end shoes that we dedicate to preserve in its greatest essence with our hands and our souls.

Our mission is to achieve the excellence in handmade shoe making providing to our distinctive clients via an exclusively personalized and interactive service, making our uniqueness shoes with the greatest comfort.

We understand the Bespoke Service as an exciting experience from the beginning of creating, and during our Bespoke Client is wearing them and enjoying everyday, getting older in a formidable noble way becoming even more unique beauty.

We breathe, live and celebrate this gentle art of handmade shoe making as an extraordinary gift.

Each of our passionate hard-work is a tribute to all the artisan shoemakers who have preceded us, and dedicated to those special clients who have believed in our hands.

Please click to our Bespoke Process to know how we make our Bespoke Shoes.

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Made to Order




Our beloved model Agent Arrow from our Handcrafted MTO Collection

In addition to our Bespoke service, we also offer our Handcarfted Made to Order (MTO) Shoes as in traditional Bespoke Service, fully handmade by our well-known 5 models:

Arrow Oxfords  –  Agent Arrow   –  Buque Derbies  – Vertigo Derbies  –  Godia Single Monkstrap  –   Buttoned XX Century

Thought to those clients who are deeply lovers of finest handmade shoes, to access an experience that will be trully close to our Bespoke Service.

Our Handcrafted MTO is delivered with their lasted Three Pieces Shoe-trees.


Each model could be extremly personalized using our 3D Designer tool, availaible in our Atelier allowing to our customers to design their own Handcrafted MTO model choosing our wide range of options as:

  • 3 kind of Lasts Toe shapes (from Smarth Sqaured to Rounded tips with slim waist, lasts that are coming from our Bespoke fitting experience)
  • 4 kind of Width of Lasts (D, E, F, G) to allow 95% of feet of our clients  
  • 4 different Leathers for Uppers-cuts by Box-Calf, Calf, Suede, and Soctch Peble Grain Calf, and Cordovan (adding costs).
  • 8 types of tan colours and 5 different colours of Patina Workshop  
  • 3 Soles types (Oak Bark,  Oak Nark with layer of rubber on foot-print, and Rubber Dainite soles)   
  • And our additionals finishings details (Metal Toe Tips, Initials on Waist, custom medallions, etc).

GODIA Single Monkstrap in “Hand-Dyed Cognac” Crust Calf

Our Handcrafted MTO Shoes are always delivered with their lasted Shoe-threes in a Wooden Box (included in the Selling Price). 


12-14 weeks: Once the Handcrafted MTO Shoes is ordered we start with th crafts works to finish them in 12 weeks, so they are ready to ship to be delivered in its 13th week, so between its 13th to 14th week the customer have to receive our fulfill order.

Arrow Oxford in “Atumn” Full Grain Suede Calf and “Chesnut” tan Box-calf leather.

We keep informed to our clients about the craft progress and once the order is finished and ready to be shipped, we deliver them with our 100% Handmade and Quality Certificate.

Buttoned XX Century – Museum “Navy” Calf & “Blue Velvet” Full Grain Suede Calf


We ship world-wide, adding costs beyond Spain, please take a look to our terms and conditions to noitce about adding costs to ship to your country:

Terms & Conditions.


Our Handcrafted MTO Shoes are completely handmade under the highest standards of Bespoke works quality: Designing, Patterns making, Clicking leathers, Hand-lasted, Hand-welted, Hand-stitched soles, hand coloured, hand-finishings, etc. Being all stages of making are genuine handmade in our Atelier based in Barcelona, without using any machine in the process.

Agent Arrow in Museum “Shadow Grey” calf

Our client will be able to enjoy how the order is being crafted with photos via email, and participating in the way the shoe has been crafted and personalized.


We use only the finest leathers from the most expertise European tanneries,  which has been dedicated exclusively to the tanning of superior quality leather such as:

  • Calf or Babe Calf: Crust to be hand-coloured: burnished, patina or aged. And Regular aniline dyed in basic tans.
  • Box-Calf: (Usually in Black, Browns and Cognacs from Annonay, Du Puy, Wheinheimer, Freudenberg Group and Ilcea tanneries)
  • Grain leather: Pebble Grain, Pin grain & Hatch grain
  • Suede leather: Full Grain Suede (babe calf from most reputed Spanish tanneries members of The Leather Working Group), and Split Gran Suede (from Charles F. Stead Tannery).

Bespoke finishings and fiddle waist.


Our Handcrafted MTO Shoes are made using our carved archs lasts and narrow waist to offer one of the most comfortable fitting from our Bespoke Service fitting experince, avoiding wrinkling in the arch area of the shoe.  Providing a lighter shoe with the particularity to keep the leather of uppers close to the skin feet all day long, wraping the heel and inlet of feet, holding the metatarse area and getting a high support on arch.

Visit our Fitting & Sizing section to know more about our fitting lasts

Brogued Arrow Oxford – Museum “Shadow Grey” Calf

Each shoe of our Handcrafted MTO Shoes is lined with babe calf skin, sorrounding the feet with softer and breatheble support, like a second glove skin, translating into the highest comfort, to enjoy them everyday when the insoles are.


1,250 € (VAT not Included*)

$1,375 (US Dollar, Fees Not Included**)

*: Value before taxes for European Union residents and Net for outside EU

**: Current rates between both badges at 2019 September.

Autumn 2019 Campaign: 50% Payment Deposit
We are offering the opportunity for those wishing to pay just a 50% Deposit on their Handcrafted MTO order with the balance due once your pair of Ramon Cuberta Handcrafted MTO shoes are finished and ready to ship

Drop us an email  or call to our Workshop on Tel: +34 625 182 195,   for any further information regarding our Handcrafted MTO process, Sizing & Fitting lasts, or specific requirements relating to our Handcrafted MTO Service.


This Campaign of Handcrafted MTO Shoes has a certain limit of production to keep the time delivery, so once the limit has been reached, that Campaign will be “Sold Out”.

To get more information related to our Autumn Campaign of Handcrafted MTO shoes, please press the link:





“Its nice when a shoemaker finds a little piece of detail that he can call his own and Ramon has done that with his very sharply designed facing piece (the leather around the laces). If you pay close attention he does a lot of adelaides and most of those have if not the same, a very closely designed facing piece that simply defines Ramon’s shoes. And thats great!”

“Ramon Cuberta is a nice guy. Always kind. Always humble and makes great shoes. Just the kind of ingredients you look for when supporting an artist”.

Justin FitzPatrick, Founder of The Shoe Snob

“There are basically two features which distinguish his shoes from those of other brands and shoemakers. First of all, it is the well-balanced elongated upper which looks esthetically more elegant than short shoes. Furthermore, it is the shoe’s toes in bespoke shoes. Those are very chiseled, have strong lines but are still rounded, depending on if you’re looking at them from the front or from the side. It’s like a small contradiction, a combination of round and sharp, giving the shoe a lot of character and making it a distinct feature. These are really beautiful characteristics you should definitely have a closer look at!”

Magda Glanc, Founder of Smartorial Men


About us

Our small Atelier is located at:

C/Bori i Fontestà, 13 – 08021 Barcelona, Spain

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Public Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday from 10:00h to 19:0h – Saturday 10:00h to 15:00h.

For Bespoke Service by appointment only
Handcrafted MTO shoes & Ready Made shoes , appointments are suggested
Email us for Sizing / Fitting or specific requirements relating to our Handcrafted MTO shoes and RM shoes

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Concerning all the clients who visit us our Atelier or browsing our website, to order us and purchase our Made To Orders or RTW shoes, by visiting our Atelier to order us any craft product, by browsing our website and/or order and/or purchasing some craft product from us, via email or phisically in our workshop based in Barcelona; you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by the following terms of service “Terms & Conditions”.

So please visit our “Terms and Conditions” to know our Service Terms:

Terms & Conditions


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Terms & Conditions

By visiting our Atelier and order any of our products, browsing our website and/or order and/or purchasing some craft product from us, you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of service (“Terms & Conditions), including those additional terms and conditions and policies referenced herein and/or available by hyperlink. These Terms & Conditions of service apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who can be usual clients or new customers, browsers, vendors, merchants, and/ or contributors of content.

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accessing or using our website. By getting inside our Atelier and making any order in our Atelier with its payment of ordering, as well accessing or using any part of our website, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions of our service. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access the website or use any services. If these Terms of Service are considered an offer, acceptance is expressly limited to these Terms & Conditions.

Any new features or tools which are added to the current website shall also be subject to the Terms & Conditions. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and/or changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the website following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.

Shipping costs

We ship to world-wide. We partner with the most professional and reliable mailing companies on the market like DHL ® in Europe, UPS® or FEDEX ® in USA. Due to countries customs and mailing difficulties we can only provide FREE SHIPPING in Spain.

All our orders ship with tracking number which we allow once the ship is running. We charge the costs of shipping apart of price. Please take note that the shipping fees are not refundable under any circumstance:

World-wide Ships

Rate Extra-costs

Delivery time

European Union (EU) & United Kingdom (UK)


3 working days

Europe Continental


3-4 working days

USA & Canada


4-5 working days

Midle East Countries


5-6 working days

Far East Countries and Asia


6-7 working days

Oceania and Australia


7-8 working days

Beyond these countries:

There are many cases of bureaucratic issues when shipping goods to countries of Africa, Asia, South America or Russian Federation, therefore we can only provide shipping to such countries if they are arranged by the buyer. So these shippings are just under the buyer own responsability since we are not responsible for any inconveniences or charges of any kind when the shipping is not directly arranged by us. So this might also be the case with some other countries but in case of doubt please email us and we will be happy to assist you on this topic:


Taxes & Fees


There are two ways in which we operate distinctly according to whether the acquisition of our services are commissioned by email, or has been commissioned by being present in our workshop:

  • The purchasings of Ready Made shoes that are been ordered via email:

All prices include the corresponding taxes of Spanish VAT when applies. The acquisitions with the European Union (EU) are subject to VAT (21% Spanish IVA), so the acquisitions outside the European Union are VAT exempt, without prejudice to the application of taxes and custom duties pursuant to the regulations in force in each of these territories. Although the final price include all extra expenses of international shipments to worldwide outside Spain, so note that we charge the extra expenses that represent us to make international shipments. See the previous section”Shipping Costs” for more information.

  • Orders that are made being present in our Atelier in Barcelona:

Handmade shoemaking enquiries always have to be ordered by our clients being present phisically in our Atelier, located in Barcelona, Spain. For this reason our prices are included the Spanish consumption tax. We aren’t able to offer tax exemption for any order that are made in our Atelier in Barcelona.


International abroad shipping outside EU countries may be subject to import duties and/or additional taxes or fees incurred due to complying with the custom authorities according regulatory fiscal requirements. Only the costumer who make the purchasing for the goods will be responsible for payment of any such duties and/or taxes in addition to our price and the dispatching costs or its incurred cost of delivery. Please note that we have no control over these charges or fees and we cannot predict their amount to any country outside European Union.

Please note that when shipping products outside European Union to international destinations, the client should be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to inspection by customs authorities, so just only the final client who purchased the goods must comply with all applicable fees taxes and regulations subject to destination country.

If we agree to supply any Goods ordered from the Website for delivery outside the European Union, they may be subject to import duties and/or additional taxes or expenses incurred due to complying with foreign custom authorities, regulatory requirements or laws. So our Costumers will be responsible for payment of any such duties and/or taxes in addition to our price including VAT and the added cost of shipping and delivery. Please note that we don’t have any control over the fees or other charges, and we cannot predict their amount to be communicated to our clients as we would like. Please contact your local customs office or taxation authorities to get this accurate information before placing to us your order/s.


Returns Policies

Our actions are always in line with our business model where the highest quality standard is indisputable under any circumstances, for this reason we prefer not to comply with 100% of the agreed time of waiting than reducing any quality of: our material used, nor leathers, and neither the craft process of making our shoes.

There is a 7 day period for ask about their return once the goods have been delivered. Shoes must return be in the same flawless condition as received, if they have any signs of wear or marks on the sole or on the leather there will be no refund and if the customer wants them shipped again the shipping costs will be at his/her expense.

For return purposes please try shoes while standing on a big towel or clean carpeted area to avoid any marks on the sole. Don’t walk or wear the shoes for extended periods of time to avoid bending, marks, wrinkles or signs of using on the leather before making sure that they are your exact size.

We do not accept returns on used shoes, so make sure they fit you well before.

If a pair of MTO shoes is ordered the wrong size they will be exchanged but Ramon Cuberta® will not be responsible for the shipping costs in these circumstances.

We accept to discuss about their returns when shoes are received in our Atelier in the same flawless condition as received, if they have any signs of wear or marks on the sole or on the leather there will be no refund and if the customer wants them shipped again the shipping costs will be at his/her expense.

In order to claim a return for exchange please carefully examine your shoes and report to us at: within 7 days upon receiving the goods. If the shoes are damaged or there is something wrong with them and is our fault (shipping damages, or any craftsmanship defect), we will gladly to help fixing the issue by exchanging for a new pair.

Please note that we examine carefully every pair of shoes we ship, specially in Made To Order Program, (which control is even more exhaustive), before we arrange its shipping. So before shoes leave our Atelier we always examine each shoe of each order, following our own policies of highest quality standards of making, to maximize our quality standards as craftsman goods made in a small Workshop under the highest quality execution and materials to satisfy each of our clients.


Conditions of Returns

The goods must be returned in the same saleable condition as you received them, without marks, signs of use on uppers, soles or heels, since its excess of bending is reason of non acceptance of a return or devolution.

MTO Shoes and Ready Made Shoes are only returnable for exchange in case of craftsmanship defects, and that pair of MTO-RM shoes have been accepted for us before any negotiation. They must have only been tried on briefly on a carpeted floor avoiding its excessive wearing and its consequence of leather bending or wrinkles.

All orders of Ready Made & MTO shoes could be returned and exchanged under these all conditions, and are at the expense of the customer.

About the acceptance of the return of MTO Program shoes will always proceed by our first examination and tacking our own conclusions about the possible deffect. So in case of accepting the deffect, we proceed by the exchange of another pair of MTO shoes with the same conditions of model, leathers, colour, finishings, having to wait for 6-8 weeks more to make this second order.

In the event that the customer refrains from this exchange and ask about its refund, this does not imply that the Ramon Cuberta® must refund the amount of the deposit, neither the price paid for the goods ordered within the MTO  Shoes. Each pair of MTO Shoes are fully customized model where even the width of last has been adapted to the anatomy of the feet of our client, all of extra works that need the MTO deposit payment 100% of total amount, reasons why we are not accept any reimburse requirement.

In case of return acceptance of the MTO shoes and that the customer refrains from exchanging for another MTO shoe model, the customer will not be entitled to a refund. Only in the MTO shoes acquisition that has been returned and accepted for us,  it would be possible to claim its price value for shipping costs by the customer, where 50% of its purchase value could be reimbursed.

Any other different agreement will always be approved by the two parties involved, maker and client, in order to find the best solution and satisfy our customers as much as possible.


Cancellation Order

In case you decide to cancel your order, please notify us as soon as possible before your order is being processed prior confirmation of making in case of RM shoes, or before we ordered the process of making of MTO shoes, so please email us as soon as possible at:

We will be able to cancel a Ready Made orders shoes or Made To Order shoes before 15 days after once is ordered and and fully refund your payment and the confirmation of cancellation will be emailed to you. In case of MTO shoes, just we will be able to cancel the order before 15 days after once is ordered and we refund the 50% of  the payment and the confirmation of cancellation will be emailed to you. In case the cancellation is done after the periode of 15 days in MTO shoes, we can not warrantie the the refund of deposit done, neither the total payment refund of the payment of  MTO orders.

Refund no available

Take note that once the order of RM, MTO shoes or Bespoke order has been ordered passed 15 days after the client’s order, unfortunately cancellations are no longer available, so it must be treated as a exchange and never we’ll be able to refund the deposit done considering our expenses of preparing materials, lasts and other costs related to the craft shoe workshop. For this reason we can exchange it for another RM existing shoes in case of RM order, or MTO shoes in case of MTO order; or Bespoke shoes available in the moment of cancellation returning the difference between the final price of the second order exchanged and the price paid on the first canceled order, in case exists that  difference.

The MTO can be cancelled by us:

The MTO can be cancelled by us when the fullfit order is finished and ready to ship, once the client has been informed by email and we receive no response, nor communication, or final payment during the period of 30 days from our communication that the order is ready.

So the client has to know that the order can be canceled, and the deposit lost. If we hear nothing, we would understand that the client is no longer interested in his/her order.

Our cost in materials, specific shape of lasts and the hours of work, are often more than the initial deposit, so for this reason we would not return the deposit in the case that the client would try to claim for it.


If there are any questions regarding these Terms & Conditions you may contact us:


C/Bori i Fontestà, 13 – 08021 Barcelona
Tel: +34 625 182 195