February 12, 2018 Ramon Cuberta

Paris Trunk Show memories

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This past weekend we have been able to celebrate our first Trunk Show individually in Paris, one of our favorite European cities. We are very grateful for the organization of Sartorial Trips and the warmth and collection of Monsieur Christophe Bréard, founder CEO of Chato Lufsen.


Chato Lufsen, 41 Rue de Verneuil, Paris

Despite the cold and snow that has been present in recent days in Paris, I must thank especially the brave of those who left their homes to visit us at the cozy Maison Chato Lufsen, located at 41, Rued de Vereneuil, Paris

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This made our proposal and the official presentation of our new basic collection of RTW 2018 more than well presented in a house with deep conviction of the exclusivity and finest quality in the special sartorial world, as well as well witnessed by many of our followers and some of our clients that we also have and enjoy in Paris and other cities in France

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We are very happy to have enjoyed this great opportunity that Sartorial Trips has given us, as well as the warm welcome of our clients who visited us at Chato Lufsen

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For this reason, we are already thinking about the next event that we can organize in the coming months in Paris for all those who want to repeat their visit, as well as all those who have not yet been able to visit us to will offer them the opportunity to witness our next event that we will show our Ready Made Shoes ampliation, Made To Order range, and Made to Measure and Bespoke samples

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Left, M. Alexis Font CEO Founder Caulaincourt Paris shoes, very happy to see him and have luch with. Right, a pic of my visit to Alfred Sargent Shoes, at 50 Rue du Bac, close to Chato Lufsen, with M. Christophe

We want to give our sincere grateful to Monsieur Christophe Bréard, CEO & founder of Chato Lufsen in Paris, of whom without his invaluable help this our first Paris Trunk Show would not have been possible. And give my most sincer gratuful to Monsieur Lucas Déséglise cofounders of Sartorial Trips.

As well as to all Parisians, between them M. J.P. Scalinvest an old inconditional client of mine,  whose with their perseverance made it possible to be present in Paris to participate in the original event devised by Sartorial Trips. I also want to mention those people within the small trade of craft trade shoe who have disinterestedly visited us to greet us and offer us their particular push so that our proposal continues to grow and make it possible this projecxt to particpate in this exclusive sartorial shoe world.

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Merci beaucoup to all have passed, especially to Monsieur Christoph Bréard, to my left, founder of CEO Chato Lufsen, great person and magnificent professional who has welcomed us into his Maison. Still missing many more photos, I’m sorry not to hang all! Merci beaucoup à tout le monde!

Ramon Cuberta, February 12th 20018