June 13, 2019 Ramon Cuberta

Opening our Store online

We’re working to open in few weeks our Store Online where we’ll offer our MTO Shoes program.

Looking for to give a response to all demands of our world-wide clients, the moment has come to offer our Ramon Cuberta Made To Order shoes. So we decided to provide a Store to our website to be able to pick the model and customize it choosing our wide range of options.

Our completely custom MTO shoes will be enabled thanks to our new 3D Configurator tool that will help to offer to our clients to customize for themselves with hundreds options and thousnads of combinations, to be able to order your own custom MTO Ramon Cuberta shoes. And that will be possible in just three steps:

1st: Just picking up the style and model

Choosing between our different models of Lace Up shoes, Monkstraps, Boots, Loafers, Sleepers, Drivers and Casuals 

2nd: Configure it out choosing the options and finishings to customize your dreamed model

Choosing between more than 1,000 different combinations using “rounded” or “straight” toe caps, medium or wide width, constructions GYW or Blake, wide range of colours calf and suede calf, patina works style of brushing and tones, different kind of soles, etc.

3rd: Confirming all choosen options in the dialogue frame to comission it online

Using our secure payment gateway to ensure that your custom MTO order will be ready in just 5 weeks time, and where you’ll let us know your data to ship the shoes to your accurate address.


Our Bench-made Shoes Factory are able to make the MTO shoes using Blake or GoodYear Welt constructions, offering these two most appreciated alternatives to our clients.

Once the custom MTO shoes has been comissioned, we start inmediately the works to elaborate under the whole specifications that our clients have shoosen, taking 4 weeks to make it and get toally ready to be shipped to the client’s home. So we can say in 5 weeks each individual custom MTO order will be at hands of any of our world-wide clients.

Our Bench-made MTO shoes are designed and totally created in Spain, manufactured under the highest standards of quality, and using the finest leathers from the most expertise European Tanneries.

All of our MTO shoes are hand-coloured patinas, edges of soles finishings, metal toe taps and polished by hand in our Atelier.

Drop us a message to info@ramoncuberta.com for any further information about our  MTO shoes, either our Store online or our 3D Configurator  to know more how it works.