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Handwelted Made-to-Order shoes


In addition to our Bespoke service, we also are launching our Winter Campaign with our fresh new Handwelted Made to Order Shoes, fully handmade, available via Email by our 9 models line-up:

1)Agent Arrow 2)Vertigo Derbies 3)Godia Monkstrap 4)Buque Derbies  5)Buttoned XX Century 6)Doma Derbies  7)Classic Arrow 8)Brogued Arrow 9)Doma Monkstrap


Available by email for those lovers of finest handcrafted shoes, clients who provably aren’t be able to visit us in our Atelier based in Granollers -Barcelona (Spain): 

We are offering the chance to access an experience that will be trully close to our Bespoke Shoes, as it is a fully-handmade shoes with fully adapted lasts to the client’s feet anatomy plants. That is possible through our Foarm-art platforms, which we ship to each client in order to be used engraving his both feet plants, that once we get we’ll use thme to make the custom clients lasts, ensuring the best fitting and confort.


Dropping us an email

Calling to our Atelier on Tel: +34 625 182 195,   for any further information regarding our fully Handmade MTO shoes, or signing up:


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This Campaign of special edition of Handwelted MTO Shoes has a certain limit of orders to keep the frame-time delivery commitment. So once that limit has been reached, the Campaign will be Sold Out which means that we wont be available to accept more orders.


Each model could be extremly personalized allowing to our customers to decide their own Handwelted MTO best model choosing between our wide range of options such as:

  • 2 kind of Toe shapes Lasts (Smarth Sqaured and Semi-rounded tips with slim waist and high arch support.
  • 4 kind of Width of Lasts (D, E, F, G fittings) to allow 90% of clients feet
  • 5 different premium leathers: Calf, Babe Calf, Box-Calf, Suede, and Grain Calf.
  • 8 types of tan colours and 5 different colours of Patina Workshop  
  • 6 Patina Colours (lighter to darker Camel, Cognac, Chesnut, Caoba, Chocolate, “Ashes to Ashes” and Black with Navy o Racing British Green effects
  • 3 Soles types (Oak Bark, Rubber Dainite soles, Rubber Commando soles)   
  • And our additionals finishings details: Metal Toe Tips, Initials on Waist, custom medallions, kind of broguing, etc).

Our fully Handcrafted MTO Shoes are always delivered with their lasted Shoe-threes in a Wooden Box (included in the Selling Price). 

Carved arches, fiddle waists and finest “Bespoke” finishings are our reason being of this campaign



Once the Handcrafted MTO Shoes is ordered and we have got the Foarm-art platforms with the client’s foot-print engraved; we start with crafts works to finish them in 12 weeks, so they are ready to ship and to be delivered in its 13th week.

So between its 13th and 14th week the customer have to receive our fulfill order, wherever the client has required to receive his shipping.


We keep informed to our clients about the craft progress with photos via email, allowing the participation of the clien in the way the shoe has been crafted and personalized.

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We ship world-wide, adding costs beyond Spain. Please take a look to our terms and conditions to noitce about adding costs to ship to your country: Terms & Conditions.


Our Handwelted MTO Shoes are fully handmade under the highest standards of Bespoke works quality: Design, Patterns making, Clicking leathers, Closing uppers, Hand-lasting, Hand-welting, Hand-stitching soles, hand dying, patinas and finishings, polishing, etc.

All stages of crafts making are genuine hand-made in our Atelier based in Granollers (Barcelona), without using any machine in its crafts making, neither outsourcing or importing parts of craft work.

Barcelona Derbies with “Racing British Green” calf and Pin Grain leather


We use only the finest leathers from the most expertise European tanneries,  which has been dedicated exclusively to the tanning of superior quality leather such as:

Calf or Babe Calf: Regular aniline dyed in basic tans, or Crust babe Calf to be hand-coloured: burnished, patina or aged.

Box-Calf: Usually in Black, Browns and Cognacs (from Annonay, Du Puy, Wheinheimer, Freudenberg Group and Ilcea tanneries)

Grain calf leather: Pebble Grain, Pin grain & Hatch grain

Full Grain Suede: Babe calf from Catalan tanneries that belongs to The Leather Working Group).

Split Grain Suede: Calf from Charles F. Stead Sheepscar Tannery, England (UK).


Our Handwelted MTO Shoes are made using our carved archs lasts and narrow waist to offer one of the most comfortable fitting from our Bespoke Service and our fitting experience. The set of our lasts design along with our raw materials and craft construction, provides the shoe a high flexibility on front, sole and uppers, but a great arch support provided by the elongated stiffness in the arch area, avoiding the wrinkling in the arch area, and providing a lighter shoe.

Each shoe of our Handwelted MTO Shoes is lined with babe calf skin, close to the clients feet and sorrounding their feet with softer and breatheble support, translating into the highest comfort like a second glove skin.

Visit our Fitting & Sizing section to know more about our fitting lasts


1,250 (VAT not Included*)

$1,385 (US Dollar, Fees Not Included**)

*: Value before taxes for European Union residents and Net for outside EU

**: Current rates between both badges at 2019 November (€1 = $1.11)



“We are offering the opportunity for those wishing our Handwelted MTO line-up to pay just a 50% Deposit on their Handmade MTO order with the balance due once your order are finished and ready to ship”.


Drop us an email  , call to our Atelier on Tel: +34 625 182 195,   for any further information regarding our Handwelted MTO shoes; or signing up to:


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This Winter Campaign of Handwelted MTO Shoes has a certain limit of production (limited edition), to keep the commitments with our clients. So once that limit has been reached, that Campaign will be declared “Sold Out”, which means that we wont be available to accept new orders anymore.

Ramon Cuberta, November 21th 2019

“I think that is a good move for Ramon so that he can focus on his passion and thus not dilute his skills with factory-made shoes that do not live up to the quality and edge that his Bespoke and Handwelted MTO shoes posses.”

Justin FitzPatrick, November 8, 2019.