We understand the Bespoke Service as an exciting experience from the beginning of creating, and during our Bespoke Client is wearing them and enjoying everyday, getting older in a formidable noble way becoming even more unique beauty.


The first step is the meeting with the Bespoke client, having a conversation about his taste and style, talking about shoes and everything around the world of shoes and his life style. All these different aspects will help us decide the most suitable model and the finest design. 

We currently see clients on Trunk Shows in London, Paris and Madrid, and at our shop in Barcelona.


We start by taking each foot measurement separately, exploring the client’s dynamic movement either in our Workshop or in our Podiatrist Doctor Studio located in Barcelona. This precise information about axises, the natural and particular rotation movement of walking and the footprint pressure on landing and take off in each foot is registered and completed with the 3D copy of the anatomic feet plant.


This 3D Anatomic Feet Plant is transferred to the last’s shape on its plant base allowing us to make your anatomic lasts, reaching a trully high and uncomparable comfort, especially when we incorporate advanced techniques of cushioning and absorption of impacts in the metatarsal area and the base of heel. We use different densities of fully breathable gels aimed for position memory and recovery under a great fexibility in front of each movement when walking. These properties provide the plant of the shoes with a long life of efficient cushion effect and the greatest comfort.

Once we have the feet measurements and dynamic movement information, the Bespoke Client’s Lasts are sculpted using beech wood, specifically for each individual foot. Every last is created based on the client’s feet measurements and his own toe cap style adapted to our craft criteria.


After this process is completed, we will start working on the design of the trial shoe. When the custom pattern is tested and fitted, we start to cut the leather sections to be set and stitched in closing uppers and lining stage.

We create the uppers and we close them in our Atelier and we proceed to get the heel stiffeness ready and toe caps forged, totally molded to the client’s Bespoke Lasts. So the uppers will then be moulded over the last to create the trial shoe to be tested by the client.

So this first fitting allows us to know how the shoe may feel and how comfortable the trial shoe is. To be able to know where have to improve to gain even better comfort and get their finest aesthetic design lines of the chosen model.


Once this custom pattern works over the custom Lasts, we proceed with the definitive pair of uppers clicking the finalist leather sections to be setted and stitched in the closing uppers’ stage.

Once client’s feet are happy with the final fit and the design is agreed, we just proceed with the craft work, making the finalised shoe where we provably have to reajust the patters and click the finest leathers, setting together the diferent pieces of uppers and stitching them together.

The whole process will take us through pattern making, clicking leathers, closing uppers, hand-lasting, hand-welting, hand-stitching soles, finishing, hand-coloured patinas, and polishing.


From the first concept of design, to the delivery of the Bespoke Shoes to our Client, every single stage is done entirely by hand, with no shortcuts. There are no shortcuts for well made crafted creations. There are passioned hands that make us extremely honoured to keep the genuine words of gentle art of handmade shoemaking.

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