Opening our Store online

We’re working to open in few weeks our Store Online where we’ll offer our MTO Shoes program.

Looking for to give a response to all demands of our world-wide clients, the moment has come to offer our Ramon Cuberta Made To Order shoes. So we decided to provide a Store to our website to be able to pick the model and customize it choosing our wide range of options.

Our completely custom MTO shoes will be enabled thanks to our new 3D Configurator tool that will help to offer to our clients to customize for themselves with hundreds options and thousnads of combinations, to be able to order your own custom MTO Ramon Cuberta shoes. And that will be possible in just three steps:

1st: Just picking up the style and model

Choosing between our different models of Lace Up shoes, Monkstraps, Boots, Loafers, Sleepers, Drivers and Casuals 

2nd: Configure it out choosing the options and finishings to customize your dreamed model

Choosing between more than 1,000 different combinations using “rounded” or “straight” toe caps, medium or wide width, constructions GYW or Blake, wide range of colours calf and suede calf, patina works style of brushing and tones, different kind of soles, etc.

3rd: Confirming all choosen options in the dialogue frame to comission it online

Using our secure payment gateway to ensure that your custom MTO order will be ready in just 5 weeks time, and where you’ll let us know your data to ship the shoes to your accurate address.


Our Bench-made Shoes Factory are able to make the MTO shoes using Blake or GoodYear Welt constructions, offering these two most appreciated alternatives to our clients.

Once the custom MTO shoes has been comissioned, we start inmediately the works to elaborate under the whole specifications that our clients have shoosen, taking 4 weeks to make it and get toally ready to be shipped to the client’s home. So we can say in 5 weeks each individual custom MTO order will be at hands of any of our world-wide clients.

Our Bench-made MTO shoes are designed and totally created in Spain, manufactured under the highest standards of quality, and using the finest leathers from the most expertise European Tanneries.

All of our MTO shoes are hand-coloured patinas, edges of soles finishings, metal toe taps and polished by hand in our Atelier.

Drop us a message to for any further information about our  MTO shoes, either our Store online or our 3D Configurator  to know more how it works.



We have moved!

We have moved!

For many reasons finaly we have moved to C/Bori i Fontestà, 13 – 08021 Barcelona where we will continue providing our best crafts shoemaking services, and where we’ll try to keep doing them even better.

So alredy we offer our Bespoke, MTM, MTO and our Ready Made collection shoes for both men and women, from now also a basic female collection footwear.

We take this opportunity to inform you that we will shortly offer our new shop online service in our website, for more information you can contact us via email or DM:

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Bori i Fontestà, 13 41.393455, 2.140864 RAMON CUBERTA C/Bori i Fontestà, 13 08021 Barcelona

C/Bori i Fontestà, 13 – 08021 Barcelona
Tel: +34 625 182 195
IG: @ramoncuberta

Nuevo servicio de MTO totalmente hecho a mano

¡Hola a todos!

Estoy encantado de anunciaros que estamos empezando a ofrecer nuestro nuevo servicio Made to Order totalmente hecho a mano, basados ​​en nuestros modelos Ready Made de los que desarrollamos y personalizamos para cada cliente.

En nuestro MTO 100% hecho a mano tomamos medidas de los pies de los clientes con el objetivo de poder elegir sus mejores hormas, donde aprovechamos en hacer alguna prueba de calce con nuestros zapatos Hangrade RM de colección.  De esta forma podemos conseguir un calce mucho más ajustado al pie del cliente que el programa regular MTO o nuestra colección básica de RTW.


En nuestro servicio MTO Hecho a Mano podemos ofrecer nuestras pátinas, logrando un acabado personalizado superior:


Creemos que el nuevo servicio MTO Hecho a Mano puede completar nuestros servicios artesanales con el fin de responder a las demandas de nuestros clientes, ofreciendo desde el más alto grado de “A Medida” (Bespoke), siguiendo por MTM y cerrándolos con este nuevo servicio de MTO Hecho a Mano.

Por lo tanto, creemos que nos ayudará a nuestro Atelier a seguir trabajando para perseguir la excelencia del mundo del zapato clásico artesanal en este país.


Más información sobre el precio y la entrega del tiempo en nuestra sección “Lista de precios y políticas”, gracias.


Ramon Cuberta


New Shoemaking Service: 100% Handcrafted MTO shoes

Hi to everyone!

I like to introduce to all of you our new totally handcrfated Made To Order service:

We’re so proud to announce that we’re starting to offer our 100% Handcrafted MTO shoes based on our Ready Made models as a base to develop its custom details to offering and individual custom pair of Handmade MTO pair of Ramon Cuberta Shoes.

Within this new handcrafted Shoemaking Service we take measures of the clients feet to allow us to choose their best lasts, being required the presence of our clients to be able to test our RM shoes samples. And at time of making, get a closer fitting by narrowest waist and tighter upper than regular MTO program or RM shoes.

We also can offer our six hand-coloured patinas, making higher finishings totally handmade in soles and heels:

We believe that new Handcrafted MTO service can complete our handmade services in order to respond to our clients demands, so since now we’re offering our highest degree of Bespoke, following by MTM and closing them with this new service of Handcrafted MTO.

So we believe that would help us to our Atelier located in Barcelona keep our working up pursuing the excellence as our greater purpose.

More information about price and time delivery in our “Price List & Policies” section, thank you.


Ramon Cuberta


Romero Magazine: Shoes that aim high


We would like to let you know about the article that has been dedicat to our artisanal shoemaking Atelier, enclosed the link that you should use to see the Magazine within app downloading:

Romero Premium Netwoking Magazine

Without losing the opportunity to thank all the efforts made by Mr. Israel Romero and all his excellent highly trained human team:




Here enclosed this worthy post of this very interesting magazine witin a warm conversation about what we do and how impressed he was:



Hoping you’ve been enjoyed as we have done, thanks!


Ramon Cuberta

Paris Trunk Show memories

Logo_Horitz_RC 829x235

LogoRCuberta-Lufsen                In association with:               


and collaboration with

 logo + flag

This past weekend we have been able to celebrate our first Trunk Show individually in Paris, one of our favorite European cities. We are very grateful for the organization of Sartorial Trips and the warmth and collection of Monsieur Christophe Bréard, founder CEO of Chato Lufsen.


Chato Lufsen, 41 Rue de Verneuil, Paris

Despite the cold and snow that has been present in recent days in Paris, I must thank especially the brave of those who left their homes to visit us at the cozy Maison Chato Lufsen, located at 41, Rued de Vereneuil, Paris

ParisTrunkShow_24    ParisTrunkShow_25

This made our proposal and the official presentation of our new basic collection of RTW 2018 more than well presented in a house with deep conviction of the exclusivity and finest quality in the special sartorial world, as well as well witnessed by many of our followers and some of our clients that we also have and enjoy in Paris and other cities in France

  ParisTrunkShow_20    ParisTrunkShow_23

We are very happy to have enjoyed this great opportunity that Sartorial Trips has given us, as well as the warm welcome of our clients who visited us at Chato Lufsen

ParisTrunkShow_15    ParisTrunkShow_13

ParisTrunkShow_06    ParisTrunkShow_07

For this reason, we are already thinking about the next event that we can organize in the coming months in Paris for all those who want to repeat their visit, as well as all those who have not yet been able to visit us to will offer them the opportunity to witness our next event that we will show our Ready Made Shoes ampliation, Made To Order range, and Made to Measure and Bespoke samples

ParisTrunkShow_02                ParisTrunkShow_05

Left, M. Alexis Font CEO Founder Caulaincourt Paris shoes, very happy to see him and have luch with. Right, a pic of my visit to Alfred Sargent Shoes, at 50 Rue du Bac, close to Chato Lufsen, with M. Christophe

We want to give our sincere grateful to Monsieur Christophe Bréard, CEO & founder of Chato Lufsen in Paris, of whom without his invaluable help this our first Paris Trunk Show would not have been possible. And give my most sincer gratuful to Monsieur Lucas Déséglise cofounders of Sartorial Trips.

As well as to all Parisians, between them M. J.P. Scalinvest an old inconditional client of mine,  whose with their perseverance made it possible to be present in Paris to participate in the original event devised by Sartorial Trips. I also want to mention those people within the small trade of craft trade shoe who have disinterestedly visited us to greet us and offer us their particular push so that our proposal continues to grow and make it possible this projecxt to particpate in this exclusive sartorial shoe world.

ParisTrunkShow_01     ParisTrunkShow_12


Merci beaucoup to all have passed, especially to Monsieur Christoph Bréard, to my left, founder of CEO Chato Lufsen, great person and magnificent professional who has welcomed us into his Maison. Still missing many more photos, I’m sorry not to hang all! Merci beaucoup à tout le monde!

Ramon Cuberta, February 12th 20018


We’re visiting Paris next week 9th and 10th, so we’re so happy to invite you to come to discover our new Ready Made basic collection, Made To Order range, and Made to Measure and Bespoke services

February 9th – 10th
Maison Chato Lufsen

In association with Sartorial Trips
in collaboration with Maison Chato Lufsen
41, rue de Verneuil
75007 PARIS
Tel: +33 145 080 506

Location map:  Maison Chato Lufsen
Opening hours: 11:30h to 19:30h (Feb. Friday 9th and Saturday 10th) Appointments:
How to get by Métro: Rue du Bac (M12) / Solférino (M12) / Tuileries (M1)
And by RER (C): Musée d’Orsay

We want to give our sincere grateful to Monsieurs Lucas Déséglise, Alexander Bello, cofounders of Sartorial Trips, and Monsieur Christophe Bréard, CEO & founder of Maison Chato Lufsen in Paris.

Ramon Cuberta


Launching our New Ready Mades Shoes 2018


We’re so excited to announce to all of you our  

Launching of New Ready Made 2018 basic collection shoes



You are all invited to see the our new models of our 2018 Basic Collection Ready Made shoes, inspired and created in Barcelona and made under the highest Spanish standards craftsmanship

All of our shoes are Hand Grade GYW Goodyear-welted, totally warranted allowing a full refurbishment soles service thanks our Maintenance Service. are outsourced to highest quality standard Spanish craftsmanship, designs are inspired and created in Barcelona, and all of our shoes are 100% made in Spain


Oak bark tanned leather soles with channelled sole to protect the stitching, smooth waxed finishing a masterpiece of craftsmanship to aesthetic pleasure. Hand finisihed soles in our Atelier in Barcelona, wax edges, wheel passed on stitching points for a gentleman’s presence




“Ashes to Ashes” Wholecut Oxford


“Chesnut” Arrow Oxford


“Wood Degradé” Arrow Oxford


“Ebony” Buque Derby


Our logo as a sign of high quality certificate of the materials chosen as the high level of craftsmanship with what has been made each and every one of our crafted pieces. Only the concern of a highly artisanal GYW manufacturing is possible to achieve the highest demands of quality standards. We like to make limited craft productions of very few pairs for each of our studied and contrasted models, moving away from the RTW concept of massive production.


Duke Last it means our regular or medium “E” fitting of our second basic Ready Made Shoes Collection with a sharp chisel toe. It boasts closer heel clipping and a narrower waist offering good arch support. Our Ready made Shoes are delivered with their original lasted shoetrees.


We hope that the new collection is to your liking and we remain at your disposal for any questions you may have via email.

We always are able to attend you personally in our Atelier located in Barcelona if you have the chance to visit our beloved cosmopolitan and Mediterranian city.

Please book an appointment to attend you personally, thanks.

C/Basses de Sant Pere, 9 – 08003 Barcelona

Tel: +34 625 182 195

Atelier opening hours:

Monday, 15:30h to 19:00h
Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00h to 19:00h

Welcome to our new Atelier in El Born, Barcelona


We’re so happy to announce to all of you our new Atelier located in Barcelona

We have moved to a new workshop located in El Born, Barcelona: C/Basses de Sant Pere, 9; after more than three years in our first place in C/Mònec, 14, where we have been able to star to offer our handcrafted shoemaking services.

So we have taken the step of moving in a place more suitable to our needs, in a more beautiful area of the old quarter of the city, El Born. We believe that our customers will be much more comfortable in it as well as we believe our new Atelier is more practical and functional.

Moreover that we see our new Atelier even more beautiful since it is inside an nice old traditional building of the XVIII century, totally rehabilitated with much sensitivity to the original architecture.



 Our Atelier located in C/Basses de Sant Pere, 9


loading map - please wait...

RAMON CUBERTA BESPOKE BARCELONA - C/Basses de Sant Pere, 9 41.388954, 2.179636

The name of Barcelona still conjures that aura of arquitechture richness (Gaudi, Domènech i Muntaner, Puig i Cadafalch, Jujol, Sert, Torres Clavé, etc.). Must owe something to a city made of masterpieces of art, painters like Picasso, Casas, Santiago Rusiñol, Miró, Dalí (Cadaqués), etc. In Barcelona is still there is some of the old habit of look for the beauty, here we can even breathe the art in Barcelona. So we love Barcelona!

We still being located in El Born of Old Town Barcelona, one of the most nterestings enviroments to visit aand to offer our alternative of shoemaking services totally personalized to our loyal costumers, from Barcelona to worldwide.



We’re still looking for our best dexterity with our hands to make an unique hand-crafted shoes. We try to be aware of how to express our sensivity to elegance, and which is strongly tried to transmit to each piece that we make, taking into account its confort: We have lucky to count a certain sensitivity to feet it made me more attentive to the way people walk. Which together with the collaboration of our Doctor in Podiatry specialized in the dynamic movement of the feet while walking, this has brought us much closer to the complex reality of the foot world and its true.


The effect of a high-end shoes is really powerful. We knoow that any person can change the strength of his gaze when he feels identified with his attire, especially when he feels comfortable with his well-made and highest quality shoes. It is not just a matter of comfort, but feeling good about oneself. Feeling sure and capable of anything. I have no doubt that an unique high-end shoes can change your gaze, so they really have the power to change you. That is exactly what we’re pursuing: Make your own shoes that change your look.


From our new Atelier we would left to know to all of our costumers and followers that you are invited to come in and visit us, just to see our beloved workshop and take and advantage to see some of our pieces of our small range of samples as our new launching of Ready Made shoes basic collection.

We are waiting for your email to book your visit in order to attend you personally as much well as we can.

Thanks to follow!

Ramon Cuberta

Photographies by: Tània Paredes, @tania_cat (Instagram)

London Super Trunk Show 2017

Hi to everyone!

Lately I have been very busy with the change of premises that we will inform you soon. But we had to do a post before about our first participation in one of the big international events.

I’ve been very proud to be present as an exhibitor to the world’s largest open event for classic shoemakers, the first edition of the London Super Trunk Show, hosted by The Shoe Snob and Shoegazing, Mr.Justin FitzPatrick and Mr.Jesper Ingevaldsson respectively.

London Banner 4
The event took place in Music Room, Mayfair, the central parts of London on Saturday May 13th were gather no less than 11 Shoemaking Houses from all over the world, three great brands as partners, there were celebrate the first ever World Championship in Shoe Shining, and an interesting a panel discussion with the participation of one of the biggest British shoe Brand co-founder Mr.Tony Gaziano (of Gaziano & Girling) and the sartorial specialist Mr. Simon Crompton (of Permanent Style).

Below some words about this great event accounted last May 13th 2017:


Here you could visit the organizers of the event and enjoy more information from The Shoe Snob blog and Shoegazing-blog.

Where I was delighted to meet in person at: Mr. Jesper Ingevaldsson (Shoegazing) and his wife, Mr. Justin FitzPatrick (J.FitzPatrik Footwear),  and where I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet in person exhibitors of the event and great shoemakers as:  Mr.Reszo Kuti (Sales Manager) of  Vass Shoes ; and Mr.Karl Chu, Director of Ascott Shoes (Vass London), Mrs.Ana Santos of Santos Shoes, Mr.Alexis Lafont of Coulain Court Paris, Barbanera guys (Mr. Sergio, Mr. Sebastiano and Mr. Alessandro), Master Mr. Norman Vilalta and his partner Mr. Alfonso; Mr.Filippo Parri (Store Manager) of Stefano Bemer, and other great shoemakers and Last-makers whose I had the chance to meet or see them personally again, and whose were so kind to pass to say hello. As well as other people that I had the chance to meet them during the event of the world of shoes like:  Mr.Andy Murphy (Business Development Manager at Simpson-London),  Fred&Matt guys, Mr.Damian Kot (journalist of Stowarzyszenie But w Butonierce), Mr.Milad Abedi (photographer), and a long etc…

Please excuse me if I did not mention all the people I met during the event, since I do not keep their business cards or either shoemakers personalities whose I rather to keep their privacy.

RCuberta_STrunkShow'17_06    RCuberta_STrunkShow'17_05

Ramon Cuberta’s stand in the event where we was showing our shoes: RM, MTO, MTM basic collection.

RCuberta_STrunkShow'17_01    RCuberta_STrunkShow'17_04

Measuring to one of our new costumers:


Our Ready Made shoes (left) and MTO models (right):


Our handcrafted shoes samples:


It’s been our first participation in our beloved great city as it’s London. We had a great experience that we’re sure that will help us to open even more our chances to be known to the worldwide.

So thanks a lot to organizers of event: Mr.Justin FitzPatrick and Mr.Jesper Ingevaldsson, as well as many thanks to the all visitors that you passed by our stand where we had the opportunity to meet you in person to have an conversation about our passion of the world of shoes!

Warmest regards to all exhibitors and shoemakers!